Saturday, July 21, 2007

Quilt or Afghan?

I have been busy even though you can't tell by looking at this blog. I'm working on a baby blanket for my new little niece due in early October. I was inspired to try a crochet quilt when I came across the site, Happy Yellow I decided to try a version of the Baby Blocks quilt.

Hobby Lobby had Bernat cottontots yarn on sale last weekend for 40% off and I snatched up every skein they had of easter parade, strawberry, and grape berry. This yarn is so soft - I love working with it. And I love the idea of the baby blanket being a natural fiber, like cotton.

I've also been lurking over at Crochetville on a CAL thread called Every Happy House...There are pictures of some beautiful quilt-ghans.

I've realized that I have no shortage of initiative, because I have no trouble beginning projects with enthusiasm. My problem is actually finishing anything. I've thought about listing all of my WIPs on a single post, but it would take some time. Maybe I'll catagorize them by knit, crochet, needlepoint/cross-stitch, etc and list them separately at some point. Perhaps it will motivate me to bring some projects to completion.

In any case, I am determined to finish this crochet quilt in order to enter it in the county fair and also to ensure it makes it to the intended recipient in Maui prior to her actual arrival.


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