Friday, July 14, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I finally met my soul mate.
2. We had the perfect wedding on the beach in Maui, barefoot, at sunset, with only two witnesses, a reverend and a photographer.
3. He knows how to make me laugh and I think that’s important.
4. He is the best kisser I’ve ever known.
5. I have six children, but I’ve only given birth to two; I would do anything for them.
6. I have three grandchildren who call me grandma, but they don’t look like me; I would do anything for them.
7. My picture appeared on the front page of the local newspaper in November 2005.
8. I’ve lived in Utah, Germany, Maine, Ohio and Alaska.
9. I am the oldest child of my parents and the oldest granddaughter all the way around.
10. I met my biological father when I was 32; it has been a blessing.
11. I love to say that I have two dads; I love them both the same.
12. I got hit in the mouth with a baseball bat when I was in 5th grade.
13. My parents wanted to sue the elementary school, but I wouldn’t let them.
14. I have had either a partial plate or a bridge to replace my top four front teeth ever since.
15. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me until the year 2000 when something worse happened.
16. I’ve almost always had long hair.
17. I used to be a brunette, but now I’m a blonde.
18. I once spent a summer prospecting for gold in the mountains of Idaho, north of Boise.
19. I've had five different last names during my lifetime - not all of them were due to marriage.
20. I claim no particular religion or political affiliation.
21. I am constantly looking for motivation to get fit and healthy.
22. I love to knit.
23. I love to crochet.
24. I learned to knit and crochet when I was nine.
25. I love to quilt.
26. I love to cross stitch.
27. I love to sew.
28. I love all fiber arts.
29. I am more proficient at some of these things than at others.
30. I’d rather think of these things as my art rather than crafts or hobbies.
31. I love to give gifts I’ve made with my own two hands.
32. I have crafting ADHD - I am a great starter, but a horrible finisher.
33. I have never worried about not having enough to do. If I didn't need an income to live, I would totally be able to keep myself busy and productive with all of my interests.
34. I like to write, but I think my daughter is a better writer than me.
35. I have a very demanding job that I like, but I’d rather be home knitting.
36. I love to dance and I always have.
37. My sisters and I used to turn the music up loud and dance when my parents were gone.
38. My sister just younger than me has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).
39. I miss her.
40. My other sister and I no longer speak to each other.
41. I love photography and I have thousands of pictures.
42. I don’t like pictures of myself.
43. My favorite things to photograph are my children and sunsets.
44. I like to scrapbook.
45. I’ve always been shy. I am an INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type.
46. Some people mistake my shyness for snobbiness.
47. When I was in 6th grade, I went to five different schools; the other kids used to say I looked like Susan Dey.
48. I wasn't very popular in high school. I'm often surprised when people remember me, because I don't remember anyone from high school.
49. I love Sex and the City even though I’m nothing like any of the characters.
50. I’m addicted to HGTV, DIY and the Food Network.
51. I would be a professional student if I could afford it.
52. I never got my degree despite the fact that I had a full ride scholarship.
53. Family comes first.
54. I am a blend of 25% French Cajun, 25% German and 50% Dutch.
55. My maternal grandfather was the Cajun and he was always one of my most favorite people.
56. My grandfather was Catholic and my grandmother was Mormon.
57. I am not a Mormon, even though I live behind the Zion Curtain.
58. I hate polygamy, but I like HBO's new series Big Love.
59. I believe in aging gracefully. I would never consider plastic surgery.
60. I don’t wear makeup, but I do take care of my skin.
61. I keep my fingernails short and unpainted.
62. I love pedicures and soft feet.
63. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring, diamond earrings and a toe ring.
64. I love houseplants and I have a lot of them.
65. I don’t think I have a green thumb, but I know which plants I can grow and which ones I kill.
66. I have pots of wave petunias and impatiens on my porch.
67. I worked at a fast food restaurant when I was 16. I promised myself I would never work around food again and I haven’t.
68. I worked as a Judge’s in-court clerk for about 8 years.
69. I swore people in.
70. I issued warrants of arrest.
71. I sent people to jail.
72. I didn’t always agree with the Judge, but I always respected him.
73. It was the most interesting job I’ve ever had, but I’m glad I don’t work there anymore.
74. I can’t drive long distances because I tend to fall asleep.
75. When I was a baby my mom used to put me in the car and drive around to get me to fall asleep.
76. I hate to fly, but I do several times per year for my job.
77. I’m not really afraid of flying, but I hate being in such a small space with so many people and I hate rough take-offs and landings. I once threw-up on people sitting on either side of me during a particularly rough landing. I felt embarrassed at the baggage claim.
78. I love to read.
79. My favorite color is blue.
80. I HATE onions of any kind, but I don’t mind onion powder.
81. I love garlic.
82. I once saw a moonbow.
83. I collect inspirational quotes; I write them in small notebooks. My husband reads one or two quotes from my notebooks each day.
84. I like movies with happy endings.
85. I am a Leo and everyone who asks is surprised when I tell them.
86. I never want to own a white car.
87. I’m afraid of heights.
88. I don’t take any medications, but I take a lot of vitamins.
89. I love yards sales and thrift shops.
90. I’ve always wished I could sing and draw, but I can’t do either.
91. I love people watching, especially at airports.
92. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 30.
93. I started drinking coffee once when I was camping because I liked it with Irish Crème. After that I drank it every morning. I love to go camping and boating.
94. I once witnessed an autopsy.
95. I was dating a medical examiner.
96. I have been a second wife three times.
97. I am a closet hippie.
98. I have never smoked cigarettes even though I have lived around smokers most of my life.
99. I once won a pound of gold from a car dealership when I bought a Toyota; I ended up getting around $4,000.00 for it.
100. Yes, I will do a shot of tequila with you.

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