Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scarves and Spare Time

This is a photo of my first completed knitting project after I rekindled my interest in knitting a couple of years ago. It is knit in rib stitch using no particular pattern. I made it for my daughter. She lived in Illinois when I made it for her; now she lives in Venice Beach, California. Maybe she can use it for a dresser scarf or something! I am not what you would call a prolific knitter...yet. Partly because of lack of time and partly because I am...well, slow.

My knitting will be much the same as this blog...getting better all the time!

On another note, I don't want to feel obligated or bore anyone who might come across this place by spouting excuses on why I haven't posted. So I will try not to do that, but for now I have to say that my *spare* time is being eaten by a rental house my husband and I are remodeling. We are at the point that we must get it completed and rented in the next couple of weeks in order to avoid financial ruin.

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