Sunday, October 09, 2011

Goals and Motivation

I've been thinking about this today. I saw it on Facebook, posted by The Gracious Pantry. Earlier this year my hubby and I each lost close to 35 pounds. We did it by eating healthy foods, exercising and tracking both on My Fitness Pal.

In July we achieved a long-time goal of buying a mountain lot for a weekend retreat. Our focus turned from our health and weight loss goals to working on our lot. The purpose of the lot was for fun and leisure, but first we had to develop the lot to make it inhabitable. Our idea was to park our RV there for the summer, but we had to do things like remove weeds and overgrowth, dig a firepit, line the drive and walkways with rocks, lay gravel to keep the weeds down, and various other fun things.  I will post more about our awesome summer another time.

Even though we were doing all of that work, we've both gained back about 10 of those pounds we worked so hard to lose.  Right now I'm feeling like it's a struggle, but earlier in the year when I was doing it, it seemed so easy.  I know it's a mindset - so I've decided it's time to get my mind set again!

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